It's about time to do this site over. The whole thing was always kind of a placeholder anyway, and now it's been long neglected by its author, and forgotten by everyone else. Besides, since 2001 creating commentary about current events has become almost as much of a downer as reading it.

In the meantime, the server's still up, because it's hosting a couple of other domains--go look at "" or "" if you're interested, or check out the playlists for Carl Howard's excellent "Space Patrol" program on Luxuria Music.

Otherwise (or maybe other-stupid) come back in a while, and maybe you'll find something completely different...but not a man with three buttocks.

Art Marriott
President and Janitor
AKA ArtFart at various places

The owner of this site has made every effort to keep it 100% high-fructose corn syrup free.